Publifer goes Proof of display

Publifer goes Proof of display

Publifer finalised the upgrade of the digital screens in Train Stations. The number of screens increased from 122 to 130 full HD screens with an extra coverage of five new Train Stations (Aalst, Sint-Niklaas, Brussel-Schuman, Li├Ęge-Palais and Aarlen).

The panels got new screens, new wiring, new players and a tailor-made monitoring system. Publifer created a new platform with videoplayers of Broadsign, connected screens that transfer all data through the Proximus Lora network and the tailor-made monitoring system by Centreon. Publifer is now monitoring their hardware and software together on one platform.

All these improvements will not only lead to a better following-up of the technical aspects of the digital screens, but it also changes the Proof of play (correct broadcast of advertising by the player) to Proof of display (correct diffusion of advertising on the screen). Advertisers will receive a campaign report to control the diffusion of their advertising spot with the purchased media space.

Published on February 23, 2018

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