The Cards

Whoever downloads the free Scratchapp will notice that behind the participating Cards is much more than static postcards. Open the app, hold the smartphone above the Card, and a digital scratchcard will appear on the screen. The interactive possibilities are endless: when the top layer is scratched (read: swivel), customized interactive content appears in line with the message on the Card. A contest, a movie, a voucher, a game … everything is possible.

The Jackpot

To launch Scratchapp, GUIDOOH takes out with a spectacular game.
In the card network ( a card with a jackpot will be placed on this card from this week. Via Scratchapp the jackpot is rolling. Exciting! Does the user see three planes? Then a competition question will be followed and he will win a ticket. Do three appear on the jackpot? Another question is followed and Scratchapp leaves a watch. There are also surprises to win, just let the jackpot run!

The App

With Scratchapp, GUIDOOH consolidates its position on the out-of-home market by resolutely deploying new media and interactive digital convergence. For example, GUIDOOH offers consumers a surprising experience and the advertiser offers unwavering opportunities to communicate with the target audience in an innovative way.

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