Proximus full wrapped metro in Brussels

Proximus has noticed that Belgians, whatever their age, are looking for alternatives to express their feelings: emoticons, irony, humor, and so on.
It was on this basis that the new Proximus campaign was carried out. She emphasizes the extent to which, in all these diverted messages, there is enormous proximity, love and expression of feelings.

For more than 20 years now, Proximus’s goal is to bring people closer together by breaking down technological barriers that prevent us from communicating with our loved ones. In order to help the Belgians to express their feelings more easily thanks to modern communication tools, Proximus is constantly optimizing its network, even in the most remote places (tunnels, metro, etc.) Customers when they have a worry with their smartphone. It is therefore to demonstrate its reinforcement of network in the Belgian metro that Proximus has dressed a metro to the color of the brand.

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