OMD analyses air pollution for Renault Zoe smart media campaign

For the launch of the new Renault Zoe, OMD devised – in collaboration with Publicis, Outsight, DPG Media, JC Decaux and Outmoove – a smart media campaign. The aim is to use the media in a creative and innovative way to highlight the environmental benefits and innovative character of this electric car.

To this end, a tag-on in the VTM weather report indicated the daily air quality for the various regions in Belgium (using the Irceline system with sensors throughout the country). The map will be converted into the Zoe advertisement, which makes the link to ‘clean air’. The concept will also be rolled out via an online section in the “news & weather” environment of DPG.

The same sensor information serves as the basis for the control of the OOH campaign. Both in Brussels and Liège, the digital screens of the JC Decaux network will be used to indicate the current air pollution in the immediate vicinity of the screen. Moreover, the creation will be adapted to the air quality in a dynamic way. The New Renault Zoe advertisement will only be shown when the air quality level is poor (orange to red).

Link to tag on VTM weather report

Link to Renault Zoe DOOH visual

Source: Media Marketing 2019

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