Nutella goes above and beyond

After the successful campaign with the personalized jars, Nutella takes it a step further by creating 850.000 different jar visuals. The OOH campaign was visible on the City Play screens in complementary with the national Adshel 2m² network.

Matthias Langenaeker – Planner Blue 449
We were looking for a strong visual medium, complementary with tv to generate very quickly awareness in key moments with a guaranteed frequency.

Sascha Van der Borght – MD Blue 449
We sensitized the creative agency and Ferrero with the visual opportunities of the digital OOH screens, as well as the motorists stuck in traffic.

The campaign was visible in street from 27 February to 5 march and in collaboration with Ferrero, Blue 449, Havas Worldwide, Clear Channel and Outsight.

Published on March 7, 2018

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