Let’s help each other in these difficult times

We are currently going through an unprecedented health crisis. Only together will we be able to contain the coronavirus. Together, but staying at home.

You can count on us in these difficult times.

To ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, each of us must stay at home. Of course, this can have a significant impact on your planned out-of-home campaigns. If you plan to modify them or even cancel them, we will obviously provide you with optimal support.

In solidarity with you, as an advertiser, we will bear the administrative costs.

Can we also count on your solidarity?

Have you decided to postpone your OOH campaign? In this case, we invite you to participate with a voluntary contribution of € 500 (included in the new order form), an amount that we will donate in full to the WHO solidarity fund.

Together, we will thus be contributing to the fight against this terrible virus. 



Take care of yourself and yours.

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