Gaia and Untitled Workers Club recall Beagles

Although there are alternatives, science still uses animal testing quite a bit. “So what?” many people think because there is no emotional attachment to most laboratory animals, such as mice and rats. On the occasion of World Experimental Animal Day on April 24, Gaia is putting this problem in the spotlight.

Untitled Workers Club found a simple and powerful way to get the message across. Namely by addressing dog owners directly. After all, tests are also done on pets and that affects Belgians much harder.

A recall was launched via print, posters, display banners and social media. This time not of a nightlight, a mixer or an airbag, but of beagles. Because of their sweet and docile nature, dogs and especially beagles are popular in testing centers.

Their owners are asked to return their dog and book an appointment. Once on the landing page /, they get more explanations about these animal-unfriendly practices.


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