Finally. Beautiful, Belgian mockups

It’s presentation day. You have to go to the client with, no doubt, a few Cannes Lions-worthy outdoor ideas. All beautifully mocked up in OOH media that seem plucked from the streets of New York, Singapore or Dubai. Nice. It makes you dream. But if the client wants to sell his/her product on the Belgian market, it’s anything but realistic.

Did the art director go overboard again in the hope of selling a world-class idea? Perhaps. But the lack of beautiful, realistic, Belgian mockups will probably also have something to do with it.

That’s why Outsight, the Belgian OOH specialist, presents: Belgian Mockups. Four Photoshop files of OOH media on the Boulevard Général Jacqueslaan, on the Boulevard du Centenaire, on the Chaussée de Haacht and on the Rue de la Loi in Brussels. In layers, so creative agencies can easily integrate and present their idea in a realistic way. Download the PSDs here.

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