Experience The High

To present ‘Only The Brave High’, the new Diesel fragrance, L’Oréal associated with Publifer for the elaboration of a virtual reality experiment. Until May 20, Antwerp-Centraal visitors will take part in a New York skyscraper, through a game called ‘Experience the High’. The participants must conquer the new perfume by placing an obstacle pathway within 60 seconds. They do so at a virtual height of over 100 meters, via a HTC Vive headset.
To make the experience optimal, a piece of the building was rebuilt in the station itself. The wall and windows matter, like the architecture, flapped in virtual reality. When the user places his hand on a virtual detail, he places them on a real object in the installation. Each participant is thus completely immersed.
The action was developed with Zenith and Outsight.

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