ALDI takes to the streets together with ClearChannel, Blue449, Outsight and The Backroom with the emoji®!

ALDI Belgium launched a major collector’s campaign for its customers in mid-September. For every 15 euro purchase, the customer receives a free emoji®. A total of 24 dolls can be collected in a physical collection album, which customers can buy for € 1.99. That album also contains 2 board games.

There is also an app available for collecting virtual emoji®. Customers can collect these by scanning floor stickers and wobblers in the shop. Eight of these digital emoji® can be brought to life via AR (augmented reality). The ALDI-emoji app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and also includes two games.

Milestone for ALDI

This is the first time that ALDI has organised such a collector’s campaign. Isabel Henderick, Managing Director ALDI MARCOM, explains why the discounter does this: “We were looking for a way to thank our customers for their loyalty to ALDI. A collector’s promotion with emoji® fits perfectly in this picture. emoji® are loved by young and old. They put a smile on your face and sometimes express how you feel better than words.”

The emoji® will soon conquer the streets … day and night.

The action is already supported by TV spots, TV jingles, cinema, online video and interactive banners. Since Tuesday 1 October, ALDI has also been taking to the streets with this crazy gang. And no one will be able to look beyond that. Some emoji® will be shown ‘in action’ on digital CityPlay boards and the giant digital Iconic formats.

But also the five emoji® on the 2m² Adshel street furniture will attract extra attention. The posters were given a different background print on the back side than on the back side. This gives these 2m² formats a playful, colourful background as soon as the lighting is switched on.

The creation and production of the campaign are in the hands of The Backroom. The media strategy and purchase is done by Blue449 together with Outsight who, via the ClearChannel network, ensure maximum reach, impact and commitment.

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