JCDecaux Luxembourg launches its programmatic DOOH offer

JCDecaux Luxembourg launches its programmatic DOOH offer

15 million monthly premium impressions on 100 screens

JCDecaux Luxembourg launched the programmatic purchase of its premium digital inventory in various locations : at Luxembourg airport, at the railway station (CFL) and in the shopping malls. As a reminder, JCDecaux Luxembourg recently extended its DOOH offer through a partnership with two renowned shopping malls: Kirchberg and Cloche d’Or.

This was an impressive launch as the programmatic DOOH will enable 15 million impressions per month to be achieved through 100 digital screens accessible in Luxembourg.

pDOOH: a multitude of advantages

Advertisers will be able to book a DOOH campaign in exclusive environments in an ultra-flexible, simple and fast way, in combination with data. Programmatic DOOH thus offers more control and transparency, but also more flexibility in targeting, contextualisation and optimisation.

In concrete terms, it will be possible, for example, to broadcast a campaign according to the weather at the train station, or to target business flights at the airport or to highlight relevant promotions in shopping malls. Thus, programmatic buying will be a key growth driver.

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