Coronanimations: OOH speaks understandable language

Coronanimations: OOH speaks understandable language

Many people, especially in the big cities, do not sufficiently know or apply the protective rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In some cases this is because they speak a different language and do not consult the local media. To solve this problem and do their bit, two agencies – Outsight and Wunderman Thompson – and three OOH-directories – JCDecaux, Publifer and Lijncom – joined forces to create ‘Coronanimations’. This is a series of short animations promoting the three main measures against Covid-19 (staying at home, keeping a distance and washing hands) in as few words as possible.

Thanks to the collaboration of JCDecaux and Publifer, the animations are mainly visible on the digital screens of Brussels and Liège, as well as in the major SNCB stations. Thanks to Lijncom, the campaign is distributed on 22 digital screens in the Antwerp pre-metro.

In order to increase its impact, it was also given a classic advertising section in addition to the posters. The graphic material is available on request (here) to anyone who wants to make the campaign more visible. For example, Bruzz will publish a poster every week that readers can hang from their windows.

Source: Media Marketing 2020

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